How Good Hajj and Umrah Travel Agent Looks Like

Regarding your reason for going to, make sure you know what becomes important things to consider when choosing an umrah or hajj service provider. Track records or company travel records can be seen in several ways. First seen from what year did the umrah travel stand. Usually, the longer the company stands, the more experience it has as the organizer of the Umrah journey. Secondly, seen from the number of times the Jamaah departed.

the more frequent/routine the company has a pilgrimage departure schedule, meaning the company has good credibility and cooperation with relevant agencies to back up a definite departure schedule. And the third is from the number of pilgrims who have departed. The more the number of pilgrims who depart, it means that the level of trust of the pilgrims in the company is already very good and all of that is back to the satisfaction of the worship services.