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For Beginners, Here Are Some Mistakes That Must Be Avoided When Using SEO

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When you have an online business or e-commerce, what you need is good business marketing. Because, if you do good marketing then you will get good results too. Starting with increasing your website traffic, to increase sales in the business. one of the services that can help market your business is SEO. One of the SEO that you can rely on is seo in nyc. With the right SEO techniques, you will be able to get increased website traffic.

Unfortunately, there are still some people who have just used SEO and made various mistakes that can make SEO not run optimally. Some of the errors in question are


– Just think about SEO
SEO is indeed a technique so that your website can enter the first page of the search engine for the keywords that you have set. But it will be wrong if you don’t beautify your own website. Even though your website is on the first page, look for searchers, but if the website looks bad, then visitors will immediately exit the website and look for other websites with similar keywords. A good and quality website is a website that makes it easy for visitors to find the information they want.

– Keyword
The wrong thing that beginners often do is to fulfill all elements of the website with the same keywords. Starting from the header, body, title, footer, sidebar, and others. This is wrong if the keywords you use are the same. Even in one article there are many similar keywords. This makes your prospective customers lazy to continue reading your website.

– Underestimate other traffic
The best source of traffic is on Google, so SEO is the answer. But many also focus on SEO and then forget about other sources of traffic that can be used. Starting from forums, social media, and others. For example, other sources of traffic can cause your website visitors to drop dramatically just because the website is down from page 1 of Google. Are you sure you can continue to appear on page 1 of Google?