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The benefits of buying an electric bike

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We live in a time that has been facilitated by the development of technology, one of which is with the emergence of electric bicycle innovation. Electric bicycle is a series of bikes combined with a motor that is driven by a battery, so easy to use by anyone even the elderly. The use of transportation using rechargeable batteries began to develop in south-east Asia. Although public awareness to use bikes as one means of transportation is increasing, bicycles cannot be used as the main transportation tools like in developed countries in general. This is natural, given the condition of roads in south-east Asia, especially large cities filled with motor vehicles. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to check out the escooter too.

However, there is no harm if you start considering the use of electric bicycles as an alternative vehicle. If you are reluctant to buy a new one, it is ok to glance at a used electric bicycle.

Well, before deciding to buy it, you should know in advance the advantages and disadvantages of this type of bike. Curious is not it? Let’s refer to the reviews below. Read until it runs out.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Bicycles

There are many benefits or advantages of electric bikes, among them are:

There are two power options, which are electric or padded. If the wearer is elderly or already tired, can use electric power to run the bike.

Very effectively used for routine activities at close range, can be used for everyday activities and of course when passing the climb or the way up and down does not make users feel tired.
Relatively more secure for the environment, because electric bikes do not produce smoke and do not emit much pollution.

In one recharge, the bike can cover a distance of about 40-50 Km. That means it can be used for two days continuously.
The cost of maintenance of electric bikes is not as much as the cost of motor maintenance.

It is not subject to any taxes or liability of ownership of licenses because of the speed that can be run only 30-40 km / h.