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Tips on Writing Narrative Essays

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Narrative essays retell an incident that you or someone else experienced. In a narrative essay, for example, you can explain your personal experience explaining personal experiences where “stem cell” embryo research can help yourself or someone you love face difficult conditions. This time we will share tips on how to make narrative essay writing.

1. Use all the elements of good storytelling. You need an introduction, background, plot, character, climax, and conclusion.

– Introduction: Introduction is the beginning of your story. How do you open your story? Is there something useful or important that will be mentioned later?

– Background: Background is the location where the story occurred. How is the location visible? What words can you use so that readers feel they are in your location when they read your story?

– Plot: The plot is what happens, or the essence of the story. Why is the story worth telling?

– Climax: The stressful part before the story is finished. Do readers feel hanged? Do they need to know what happens next?

– Conclusion: How the story ends. What is the meaning of the story at the end of the story? How do things, people, and ideas change after the end of the story is dismantled?

2. Have a clear perspective. Most narrative essays are written from the author’s perspective, but you can also consider other perspectives as long as your perspective is consistent. Use “me” if you are a narrator. In narrative essays, you can use first-person perspectives, but don’t use them excessively. In each essay, you will sound stronger if you state facts or opinions with a third-party perspective.

3. Convey your intentions. You make a story with the intention of conveying a message. Convey your main ideas in the thesis sentence, and make sure all your story elements support your thesis sentence again.

4. Choose vocabulary well. You will use words to provoke the emotions of the reader, so choose words well.