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The makeup tips you must know before attending a wedding

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The use of foundation can use a sponge, finger, or brush of foundation. Choose according to the type and color of the skin so that the results can blend in the face. Do not forget to match the color of the foundation with the color of the jaw and neck yes. You certainly do not want if the face color with jaw and neck is different, right? In the meantime, you might also want to check out the recommended Hollywood Mirror that you can buy online.

For the powder, it is up to you to use powder or solid powder. The important color matches the skin and looks good on the face.

If you are used to wearing powder, please use it. While you are accustomed to using solid powder, not why. Most importantly, the color is perfect for your skin and the results are good. If you force a different color that does not fit the facial skin, sometimes it looks strange because the makeup is like not joined with the skin.