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How to Write SEO Friendly Articles

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Many bloggers know how to make some articles smoothly and evenly, but not a lot of people who know how to write SEO friendly articles. The newest Google algorithm update, quality website articles are not only good for search engines, but also for readers. You can also visit the website of seo company charlotte to get help.

Many tips on how to write articles that are SEO friendly on the internet, but not all of them can be applied and there are some that have even been outdated with the development of the latest search engine algorithms, especially Google.

Prioritize User Experience
This is the most important element in writing SEO friendly articles. Why is the user experience? Because it’s very difficult to manipulate. Unlike backlinks and content, the user experience is very difficult to manipulate because it is beyond our control as a web owner. So, no wonder this is one of the important factors that Google uses to minimize ranking manipulation in their search engines.

The purpose of user experience here is user activity and response when they explore our blog. Starting from how long they read, the response to articles read, how many pages they opened, which web parts they clicked on, and so on. Logically, the longer and more comfortable they are on a web, the more quality the content of the web is.