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When the outdoor fan of your AC doesn’t work

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The compressor works, however, the open air fan doesn’t pivot. To conquer this, do the accompanying advances. Meanwhile, visit https://www.bulldogaclv.com/ when you require the assistance of the expert AC repair crews.

Check fan motor bearings, turning easily or not. To check it, kill the AC first or unplug the principle electrical plug. At that point, open the outside protector. Pivot the fan leaf by hand. Focus on the pivot.

On the off chance that the bearing jams or frequently causes a crackling sound, you ought to promptly replace the fan motor bearing.

Check the state of the open air fan capacitor, it is still great or harmed. On the off chance that the capacitor is harmed or splashed, replace it with another capacitor according to the determinations of the old capacitor.

In the event that the over two stages have been completed, the last plausibility is an issue with within the fan motor, for example, a break or consuming. The arrangement, replace it with another motorbike or repair it by rewinding the curl in the fan motor.

To rewind the motorbike windings, it is best done by a specialist (dynamo rollers).