These are Some Mistakes That Occur When Seeking The Right Job

You who are looking for a job are usually haunted by curiosity and fear that you do not get a job. In fact, there may be some mistakes you did that you did not realize. Many people are looking for direct gov jobs as their job. However, there are still some people who are wrong in finding a job for themselves. Some of the mistakes are

1. Do not diligently check email after doing a job interview
In fact, it is very possible for the company to send news via email to inform the results of the job interview. to make sure you don’t miss information don’t hesitate to ask when and how the news about the interview is.

2. Always ask for the salary you expect
You’re lucky if the company can negotiate to determine your salary. do not be too stubborn at this stage because it will make the company undo their plan to accept you as an employee because the nominal salary you want is not in accordance with the company.